Train Smarter

Training plans takes the mystery out of improving. Custom-tailored to your time, experience level and goals, you’ll be better focused and achieve better results when you follow a plan.


Stick to a Training Plan and you’ll improve as a cyclist. It’s as simple as that. We’ve included Intro to Power 1 for free with the Kinetic Fit app.



Our Fitness Training Plans can be started any time by most levels of riders. Intro to Power Training is a perfect starting point for anyone unfamiliar with interval training and will teach pacing and cadence changes and prepare you for more advanced Training Plans and workouts.

Road, Offroad and Triathlon

For riders with more specific racing or event preparation goals, we recommend picking your preferred discipline and progressing from Foundation 1 to Foundation 2 to Race Prep. Following a periodized progression builds a solid aerobic base to help you peak higher and longer at Race Prep.


Mobile Alerts and Calendar Sync

It’s easy to stay on track with a power-training plan when you add it to your calendar and receive daily reminders. A new “Kinetic Fit” calendar will be added to iCal or your device calendar with a separate workout entry for each day.


Get Outdoors Too!

Many of our Training Plans include optional indoor or outdoor days, cross-training workouts and workouts with built-in calisthenic bursts. Our goal is to encourage healthy lifestyles and fit athletes. Sometimes getting outside is better for you than another day in the pain cave. Life happens, varied and busy schedules and occasional interruptions require a flexible Training Plan. Our plans can be started on any day of the week to put your longer workouts on available days off. If you miss a day, just pick up on the current day.


Mix Up Your Indoor Training

Have you ever done calisthenics to break up a trainer ride? You should try it. Nothing breaks up a workout and gets your heart rate up like cross training. In addition to more traditional cycling training plans, we offer general fitness workouts and training plans that incorporate off-bike intervals with exercises like the plank, pushups or Russian twists.