Step 1: Install

Download Kinetic Fit for iOS or Android

  1. Download and install the Kinetic Fit power training app for iOS and Android
  2. Create an account and a user pro le and activate a subscription
  3. If you know your FTP number, plug it in. If you don’t, plan on taking a fitness test.
  4. Pair any 3rd-party apps you’ll share data with
  5. Pair your Google account to access your YouTube playlists
  6. Pair Social Media accounts for sharing

Getting Started Video

Kinetic Fit supports 3rd-party app accounts:

  • TrainingPeaks
  • Strava
  • Map My Fitness
  • 2PEAK
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • iOS Health

Step 2: Connect

For Kinetic Smart and Smart Control trainers:

  1. Mount your bicycle on your trainer
  2. Open the Kinetic Fit app and be sure bluetooth is active on your device
  3. Pedal bicycle to wake up any sensors
  4. Select “Sensors” on home screen to pair heart rate, power and cadence—use the chain link icon on the right and the function icons under each sensor
  5. 3rd-party sensors and non-Kinetic trainers will also appear on the Sensors screen

Kinetic Fit supports 3rd-party Bluetooth® sensors and trainers including:

  • speed/cadence sensors
  • heart rate straps
  • power meters - Stages, 4iiii, PowerTap products with Bluetooth® installed
  • Wahoo®: Kickr and Snap
  • Cycleops®: Hammer, Powersync Trainer and
  • Powerbeam Pro Trainer

Step 3: Ride

  1. Choose a subscription plan and training program.
    You’re twice as likely to reach your goals when you use a training plan.
  2. Or select a workout and get started—we recommend doing one of the fitness tests to accurately set your current training zones establish a Functional Threshold Power (FTP).
  3. After selecting a workout, select any video content you want to watch with the workout.
  4. Start workout.
  5. It’s important to do the entire 10-minute warmup and follow the calibration instructions after the warmup.
  6. Selected video will begin after the built-in warmup and calibration.